Type Comic
Date 2011-09-07
Tags fiction

Superman Versus the City of Tomorrow

Action Comics #1 (2011-11)

First thing I see: on the cover, Superman, wearing brown shoes, blue jeans, a tee shirt with his logo on it, and a red cape that looks rather short. The new outfit is more practical and normal, then? Well, we'll see. The alternate cover has some outfit that looks a bit more like his usual blue costume, but appears to be a sort of armor.

Superman is being pretty intimidating here, and his eyes are continuing to glow red, for some reason.

At this point in the story, then, Superman first appeared six months ago, and apparently he has been getting stronger, ever since--or, at least, that's the impression people have. The army, personified by General Lane (apparently the father of Lois Lane), intends to capture him, and Lex Luthor is aiding them.

In this world, Clark Kent works for the rival newspaper of that Lois and Jimmy work for.

Luthor's plan, it seems, involved forcing Superman to attempt to stop a speeding train. Well, the train stopped all right--it pinned Superman to the side of the Daily Planet building.

Name Role
Brad Anderson Colorist
Grant Morrison Author
Rags Morales Penciller
Rick Bryant Inker