Grant Morrison

Begin Date 1960-01-31
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
The Boy Who Stole Superman's Cape; Origin of the Species 2012-09-05 Comic
Superman Versus the City of Tomorrow 2011-09-07 Comic Author
Superman and the Men of Steel; Hearts of Steel 2011-12-07 Comic
Rocket Song; Baby Steps 2012-01-04 Comic
When Superman Learned To Fly; Last Day 2012-02-01 Comic
Superman's Doomsday Decision; Meanwhile... 2012-03-07 Comic
Superman Meets the Collector of Worlds 2012-04-04 Comic
The Curse of Superman; Executive Power 2012-05-02 Comic
Bulletproof; Absent Friends 2012-06-06 Comic
Superman's New Secret Identity; Clothes Encounter 2012-07-04 Comic
Return of The Forgotten Superman 2012-08-01 Comic
The Ghost In The Fortress of Solitude; A Boy And His Dog 2012-10-03 Comic
Superman's Mission To Mars; Star Light, Star Bright 2012-11-07 Comic
Superman At The End of Days; For My Next Trick... 2012-12-05 Comic
The Second Death of Superman; Future Tense 2013-01-09 Comic
Superman And The Fiend From Dimension 5; Goodbye 2013-02-20 Comic
Superman's Last Stand; Never-Ending Battle 2013-03-20 Comic
Batman: Arkham Asylum 1989-10 Comic Author