Batman: The Dark Knight

New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Knight Terrors Comic 2011-09-28
A Rush of Blood Comic 2011-10-26
Catch Me If You Can Comic 2011-11-23 Alex Sinclair, David Finch, Jeromy N. Cox, Paul Jenkins, Richard Friend, Sal Cipriano
Welcome to the Jungle Comic 2011-12-28 David Finch, Paul Jenkins
Handful of Dust Comic 2012-01-25 David Finch, Paul Jenkins
Run Rabbit Run Comic 2012-02-22 David Finch, Joe Harris, Paul Jenkins
The Final Curtain Comic 2012-03-28 David Finch, Paul Jenkins
The Madness Comic 2012-04-25 Ed Benes, Joe Harris
I Can No Longer be Broken Comic 2012-05-23 David Finch, Judd Winick
Hollow Man Comic 2012-06-27 David Finch, Gregg Hurwitz
Cycle of Violence Comic 2012-07-25 David Finch, Gregg Hurwitz
Mirror, Mirror Comic 2012-08-22 David Finch, Gregg Hurwitz
Chill in the Air Comic 2012-09-26 Gregg Hurwitz, Juan Jose Ryp, Mico Suayan
The Undead Past Comic 2012-10-24 David Finch, Gregg Hurwitz
The Twilight Kingdom Comic 2012-11-28 David Finch, Gregg Hurwitz
Cross to Bear Comic 2013-01-02 David Finch, Gregg Hurwitz
Touch of Crazy Comic 2013-01-30 Ethan Van Sciver, Gregg Hurwitz
Sweet Obsession Comic 2013-02-27 Ethan Van Sciver, Gregg Hurwitz
Devil's Bargain Comic 2013-03-27 Ethan Van Sciver, Gregg Hurwitz
Pool of Tears Comic 2013-04-24 Gregg Hurwitz, Szymon Kudranski
Down, Down, Down Comic 2013-05-22 Gregg Hurwitz, Szymon Kudranski
Mad Comic 2013-06-26 Ethan Van Sciver, Gregg Hurwitz
Breaking Point Comic 2013-07-24 Alex Maleev, Gregg Hurwitz
Rampant Comic 2013-08-28 Alex Maleev, Gregg Hurwitz
A Rising Star of Red! Comic 2013-09-04 Derlis Santacruz, Gail Simone
Mr. Freeze Comic 2013-09-11 Jason Masters, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
Not Just Another Pretty Face Comic 2013-09-18 Cliff Richards, John Layman
The Meat & the Marrow Comic 2013-09-25 Ann Nocenti, Georges Jeanty
Captive Audience Comic 2013-10-23 Alex Maleev, Gregg Hurwitz
Full House Comic 2013-11-27 Alex Maleev, Gregg Hurwitz
Voiceless, Part One of Two Comic 2013-12-31 Alberto Ponticelli, Gregg Hurwitz
Angel of Darkness Comic 2014-01-29 Alberto Ponticelli, Gregg Hurwitz
Corporate Raider Comic 2014-02-26 Ethan Van Sciver, Gregg Hurwitz
In the Shadow Comic 2014-03-26 Ethan Van Sciver, Gregg Hurwitz, Jorge Lucas