Jimmy Palmiotti

Source Date Type Role
All-Star Western #0 2012-09-26 Comic
No Rest for the Wicked 2011-09-28 Comic Author
Showdown at House Arkham; El Diablo, Part 1 2011-10-26 Comic Author
No News is Good; El Diablo, Part 2 2011-11-23 Comic Author
Untitled; The Barbary Ghost, Part 1 2011-12-28 Comic Author
Gotham Underground; The Barbary Ghost, Part 2 2012-01-25 Comic Author
Beneath the Batcave; The Barbary Ghost, Part 3 2012-02-22 Comic Author
The Arena; Untitled 2012-03-28 Comic Author
The August 7; Dark as the Dungeon 2012-04-25 Comic Author
Vengeance in the Big Easy; The King of Carnival 2012-05-23 Comic Author
The War of Lords and Owls, Part One; Unholy Matrimony 2012-06-27 Comic Author
The War of Lords and Owls, Part Two; The Haunted Highwayman, Part 1 of 2 2012-07-25 Comic Author
The War of Lords and Owls, Part Three; The Haunted Highwayman! Part 2 2012-08-22 Comic Author
The Strange Case of Dr. Arkham and Mr. Hex; ...Tomahawk! 2012-10-24 Comic Author
Hyde in America: Tomahawk, Part Two: Betrayal 2012-11-28 Comic Author
Strange Medicine; Tomahawk, Part Three: Massacre 2013-01-02 Comic Author
It's A Madhouse; Tomahawk, Part 4: Legacy 2013-01-30 Comic Author
Standing on Death's Doorstep; 19th Century Stormwatch 2013-02-27 Comic Author
Frozen City; Stormwatch 2013-03-27 Comic Author
The End of the Beginning 2013-04-03 Comic
Panning for Gold; The Master Gunfighter 2013-04-24 Comic Author
Batwing V. 2.0: Welcome to the Family 2013-05-01 Comic
Gold Standard; The Lost City of Gold 2013-05-22 Comic Author
Lion-Mane's Fangs of Doom 2013-06-05 Comic
Where Do We Go From Here?; The Lost City of Gold 2013-06-26 Comic Author
Daddy Issues 2013-07-03 Comic
Welcome to the Asylum 2013-07-24 Comic Author
Smash 2013-08-07 Comic
Man Out of Time 2013-08-28 Comic Author
Mr. Freeze 2013-09-11 Comic
I Can't Catch a Break 2013-10-02 Comic
Justified 2013-10-23 Comic Author
Zero Year: Keep Your Enemies Closer 2013-11-06 Comic
Blood, Sex & Magic 2013-11-27 Comic Author
When in Rome (Sort of) 2013-12-04 Comic
What is and What Will Never Be 2013-12-31 Comic Author
Not All That Glitter 2014-01-08 Comic
The Unforgiving Truth 2014-01-29 Comic Author
Master Torres Was Right 2014-02-05 Comic
The New Frontier 2014-02-26 Comic Author
Going Down to the Underground 2014-03-05 Comic
Bad Decisions 2014-03-26 Comic Author
Underbelly 2014-04-02 Comic
Home Again; The Other Side, Part One 2014-04-23 Comic Author
Into the Dark 2014-05-07 Comic
Bad Intensions; The Other Side, Part Two 2014-05-28 Comic Author
Family is Everything 2014-06-04 Comic
This Town's No Good 2014-06-25 Comic Author
Gruesome George 2014-07-02 Comic
The End in Sight 2014-07-23 Comic Author