Gail Simone

Begin Date 1974-07-29
Type Female
Source Date Type Role
Double Date 2005-06-04 Episode Author
A Fire in the Heavens 2012-09-12 Comic
Shattered 2011-09-07 Comic Author
Cut Short, Cut Deep 2011-10-12 Comic Author
A Breath of Broken Glass 2011-11-09 Comic
Helix 2011-11-23 Comic
An End to Dreams 2011-12-14 Comic
Glasnost 2011-12-28 Comic
A Candy Full of Spiders 2012-01-11 Comic
A House Made of Spun Glass 2012-02-08 Comic
A View From Below 2012-03-14 Comic
No Darker Shadow 2012-04-11 Comic
In the Line of Fire 2012-05-09 Comic
All Snug in Their Beds 2012-06-13 Comic
Heart of Cold Steel 2012-07-11 Comic
Every Time I Fail 2012-08-08 Comic
A Blade of Memory 2012-10-10 Comic
A Courtship of Razors 2012-11-14 Comic
Collision Part Two: Engagement 2012-12-12 Comic
Collision, Part Three: Ceremony 2013-01-16 Comic
A Blade From the Shadows 2013-04-10 Comic
A Splinter Where My Heart Should Be 2013-05-15 Comic
Enclosure 2013-06-12 Comic
A Day in a Life of Endless Velocity 2013-07-10 Comic
Batgirl: Wanted, Part One of Three: Manhunt 2013-08-14 Comic
A Rising Star of Red! 2013-09-04 Comic
Batgirl: Wanted, Part Two of Three: Dragnet 2013-10-09 Comic
Ambush 2013-12-11 Comic
A Healing Curse 2014-01-15 Comic
Silver 2014-02-12 Comic
A Conspiracy of Bats 2014-03-12 Comic
Wrath of the Ragdoll 2014-05-14 Comic
Deadline, Part One: The Razors Under the Floorboards 2014-06-11 Comic
Enemies and Allies 2014-07-09 Comic
Crash and Burn 2014-08-13 Comic