Type Episode
Date 1969-01-24

That Which Survives

Star Trek: The Original Series 3x72

Investigating what turns out to be a small (about the size of Luna) artificial planet, Kirk, McCoy, Sulu, and a geologist, Lieutenant D'Amato are stranded when the Enterprise suddenly vanishes. D'Amato meets a mysterious woman (an image of Losira) and is killed. It turns out that the woman is produced by the planetoid's defenses--specially crafted for an individual, if she touches them, they will be injured or killed. To D'Amato, she says "I am for you, Lieutenant D'Amato." and "I am only for D'Amato." Those intended for others say e.g., "I am for James T. Kirk."

Character TypeName
Losira MainLee Ann Meriwether
D'Amato Sub
M'Benga AppearanceBooker Bradshaw
Name RoleCharacter
Booker Bradshaw Actor
Herb Wallerstein Director
    John Meredyth Lucas Screenwriter
      Lee Ann Meriwether Actor
      Michael Richards Author


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        Adapted by
        • One Small Step (2001-08-01)