Type Book
Date 2019-07-30
Pages 208
Tags fantasy, light novel, isekai

The Dirty Way to Destroy the Goddess's Heroes, Vol. 1

The Dirty Way to Destroy the Goddess's Heroes

Mediocre. The protagonist is, the narrator and Celes insist, "sick and twisted to the very bottom of [his] soul", but if it weren't for the constant reminders, there'd be little to indicate this. The gimmick is that rather than jumping into a hot-blooded training montage and defeating the heroes with fisticuffs, Shinichi instead captures them and blackmails them into giving up. Maybe he's not a shining, golden hero, but his 'twisted' personality has been oversold.

This kind of story is like a mystery. It lives and dies on the protagonist doing something interesting and clever and believable, but without the reader being able to guess what in advance. Does it live or die? I could come down on either side.

On the plus side, tempting the hero over to the demon's side is an interesting enough plot, if not really original. On the minus side... well, it's all the usual suspects. I don't find Celes constantly berating Shinichi and accusing him of being a pervert to be either funny or titillating, whichever the author was going for. In general, the jokes don't land very well--Shinichi playing the tsukkomi doesn't amuse me.

If the sequels have more interesting plots, they could rescue this series, but I'm not in a hurry to find out.


Shinichi Sotoyama might just be the world's most average high schooler. That is, until he finds himself summoned by the Blue Demon King to a fantasy world-just like his favorite RPG games! Except this Demon King is pathetically begging at his feet, lamenting the arrival of some "heroes"...who apparently, have infinite lives and respawn over and over again?!

Unlike his hysterical summoner, Shinichi coolly takes on the challenge of fending off these pesky heroes, literally shaking hands with the devil. But the demon clan is about to find out that his twisted mind is darker than the worst of them!

Name Role
Asagi Tohsaka Illustrator
Jordan Taylor Translator
Sakuma Sasaki Author