Type Book
Date 1984
Pages 289
Tags Commodore 64

The Anatomy of the Commodore 64

Chapter 0: Introduction

Chapter 1: Machine Language Programming on the Commodore 64

1.1: Introductary Concepts

1.2: The Monitor and its uses

1.3: How to go about programming in machine language

1.4: Useful addresses of the Commodore 64 ROMs

1.5 Data Input and Output from Machine Language

1.5.1: Input and Output of Single Characters

1.5.2: Input and output using Peripheral Devices

1.5.3: Saving and Loading data Saving Data on Cassette Saving Data on Diskette

1.5.4: Programming the RS-232 interface

1.5.5: The Serial Bus

Chapter 2: The Next Step - Assembler Programming

2.1: Why Assembly Language

2.2: Table of 6510 commands

2.3: A Typical Assembler Program

2.4: Still more programs

Chapter 3: A Close-Up Look at the Commodore 64

3.1: What you should know about the Commodore 64

3.2: An Overview of the Hardware

3.3: Special Features of the 6510 Processor

3.4: Memory Configurations

3.5: The Expansion Port

3.6: The User port

Chapter 4: The Synthesizer and Its Programming

Chapter 5: Graphics Programming

Chapter 6: BASIC from a Different Viewpoint

Chapter 7: VIC-20 - Commodore 64 - CBM/PET

Chapter 8: Input/Output Control - CIA 6526

Appendix A - ROM Listing

Appendix B - A Short Lesson in Hexadecimal Arithmetic

Appendix C - Summary of Capabilities

Appendix D - Bibliography

Name Role
Abacus Software Publisher
Achim Becker Author
Arnie Lee Editor
Detlev Kesten Translator
Jeff Hanson Editor
Kirby Hanson Editor
Klaus Gerits Author
Lothar Englisch Author
Michael Angerhausen Author