Type Book
Date 1824
Pages 259
Tags nonfiction

Art of Preserving the Sight Unimpaired to an Extreme Old Age

Outdated, of course. The author makes a number of suggestions that I suspect would not be supported by modern medical science, such as producing an infusion of red wine and rosemary to treat contusions of the eye, and he reflects the prejudices of the time, attributing cheap and poorly made eyeglasses (which, he asserts, are dangerous to the vision) to the "tribe of Jew opticians" who are just out to make a buck at their customers' expense.

On the other hand, his proposed solution is progressive enough: to create organizations that would distribute eyeglasses to the poor free of charge, and to the less poor at a cheap rate.

The results of this would be highly beneficial, not only in supplying good glasses, but in preventing those from using any whatever who did not require them.

Name Role
Henry Colburn and Co. Publisher