Type Book
Date 2019-05-07
Pages 224
Tags nonfiction, comedy, 75 in 2019

Autocomplete: The Book

This book is, as it boasts, "a collection of over 200 real internet searches." Except for a few scattered illustrations, each page contains a list of search autocompletions, styled to look like an internet search:

does anyone else hate

does anyone else hate christmas

does anyone else hate windows 10


Many of the results are somewhat amusing, though only somewhat. One I noted--a single result on a page by itself:

i mistook my

i mistook my wife for a hat

Now, that can only be due to the famous book by Oliver Sacks. An odd choice to include.

The book is a something of a sign of the times, I suppose. I'm happy to have it in my collection, along with other books showing our developing relationship with technology, but I doubt that I'd ever want to sit down and read it cover to cover, or do more than flip through it occasionally, at most. I'd say this is the kind of book you might buy someone as a gift, but not one you'd ever buy yourself.

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Chronicle Books Publisher
Justin Hook Author


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