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Starlog #6

Starlog Vol. 1 #6 (1977-06)

The lettercol includes a letter complaining about nudity in the illustration for Arena in Starlog #4:

I feel also that you, as the publishers and editors, should remember that the young fans you cater to are human and subject to sexual problems (such as homosexuality). Does your artwork influence them? I write this not as an enemy, but a fan of STARLOG; therefore I feel it my duty to warn you against nudity, whether male or female.

The editors don't give any ground. They comment that they have received no other complaints on this issue, praise the quality of the artwork, and end with:

Before a reader spends a great deal of time worrying about other people's sexual problems, he would do well to get his own house in order.

Name Role
David Houston Editor
Howard Zimmerman Editor
James M. Elrod Assistant Editor
Kerry O'Quinn Editor / Publisher
Linda Bound Art Director
Norman Jacobs Publisher


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