Type JournalArticle
Date 2009-11-12
Volume 93
Number 4
Tags nonfiction, language learning, 75 in 2019
Journal The Modern Language Journal
Pages 570--583

Self-Regulatory Strategies and Agency in Self-Instructed Language Learning: A Situated View


Individualized instruction, a form of materials‐centered self‐instruction, has a long, undocumented history in the United States. The context of individualized instruction requires learners to regulate their own learning processes, including their emotional responses to learning. This study offers a situated view of the processes and strategies learners use to manage the self‐instructional process. Findings of this study suggest that contextual factors such as learners' self‐beliefs and social support influence the kinds of strategies that learners employ. Moreover, self‐regulation of learning in this context required that learners (a) structure the learning environment to meet their needs and (b) manage their emotional responses to individualized language learning.

Name Role
Jennifer Bown Author