Type Comic
Date None (1940-03)

The Economic Enemy

Paul Dorgan, eminent sociologist, has completed a book that, he claims, "will prove sinister persons or force plan to deliberately stave off the return of national prosperity," but he will say no more about it. As Clark leaves, he hears a shot, and returns to find Dorgan dead. Returning to the newspaper office, Clark learns that the world is in chaos--"strikes in all major industries", "ships are sinking at sea", "airplanes are mysteriously cracking up".

Superman suspects a connection, and returns to Dorgan's home to search for clues. There, he catches a burglar, Louie, who he believes was sent for some nefarious purpose. He's right--the burglar has two comrades watching from a distance, and, upon seeing that Louie has been caught, they call the police and advise them that burglars are breaking in the Dorgan home. The police arrive in time to interrupt Louie, before he can reveal who he works for, and his comrades shoot him, when he leaves the building. Superman escapes and follows them. They reveal that they are members of the Barney Calhoun gang.

Superman goes after Calhoun, but he's been warned, and has fled his hangout. Superman learns that there are plans to destroy the Cargill auto plant, that night, and goes to prevent its destruction. There, he learns that, in fact, every auto plant in the city is to be blown up, that night. So, Superman goes to stop the explosions at their source, and narrowly manages it. Then, he learns that a train is to be derailed, and must rush to stop it. Afterward, he learns that something is to happen at the Langley steel mill, and that Calhoun is hiding out at the Barton manor.

Superman heads for the steel mill, first. He manages to prevent a sabotaged steel dipper from causing disaster, there, and heads for Calhoun. Calhoun attempts to poison Superman, but the poison is (of course) ineffective. So Superman convinces Calhoun to reveal that he is working for J. F. Curtis, who is planning to wreck America's economy on the orders of a foreign nation. Superman pays Curtis a visit, and Curtis is killed by his own weapon. Finally, Clark writes an article giving the details of Curtis's plot.

Character Type
Superman Main
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Letterer / Penciller
Paul H. Cassidy Inker


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