Type Comic
Date 1939-11-15
Pages 8

Superman And The Jewel Smugglers

Lois is moved to the lovelorn column, and Clark receives a promotion for his work in The Comeback of Larry Trent. Fortunately for Lois, a woman comes in complaining that she suspects her husband has joined a gang of smugglers. Lois sees this as a golden opportunity, and invites Clark to the bar the woman's husband frequents, using him as a cover for her investigation. She learns that a jewel shipment will arrive that evening, but she is discovered, and both she and Clark are forced aboard a boat. Clark falls overboard, and the smugglers confess to Lois, intending to kill her. However, Clark returns as Superman to rescue Lois and capture the crooks. Finally, Lois rushes in to the paper to put in her story, only to find that Clark (who she did not know had survived) has beaten her to the punch, swimming to shore and phoning in the story.

Character Type
Lois Lane Main
Superman Main
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Letterer / Penciller
Paul H. Cassidy Inker


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