Type Comic
Date 1939-08-22
Pages 16
Tags fiction

Superman and the Skyscrapers

Construction workers have been dying on a job--five in as many days. Superman is suspicious, so he goes out to investigate, that night. He spots the night watchman sawing through a steel girder, ensuring another 'accident' will occur the next day. Superman apprehends him, and he explains that he works for the gang of Butch Grogan, just before he dies of a (very convenient) heart attack. Superman goes after Butch, who eventually tells him that he was hired by Nat Grayson, president of Akme Construction Company, to ensure that the building, a project of their rival Bruce Constructions Inc., isn't completed within the time required by their contract. Butch is (again conveniently) shot as he runs away from a policeman who wandered by. Finally, Superman goes after Nat. After some threats, Nat turns himself in and gets the electric chair for his troubles.

Not a great story, but not too bad.

Character Type
Superman Main
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Inker / Letterer / Penciller
Paul H. Cassidy Inker


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