Type Comic
Date 1939-08-22
Pages 24
Tags animal cruelty, anti-war

Superman Champions Universal Peace!

Clark is sent to interview a scientist, who apparently has some announcement to make. When he arrives, the scientist reveals that he has invented the world's deadliest gas, which is capable of passing through any gas mask. To prove it, he uses it to kill a little monkey wearing a gas mask (how cruel!).

The scientist is threatened by three men who wish to know the formula, so they can sell it to an arms trader and get rich (how did they know about it?). Later, they kill him, and Superman follows them to Boravia, where a civil war is going on, and where they hope to sell the formula. Various events happen, and eventually the arms trader is killed by his own gas, and Superman forces the opposing sides in the conflict to agree to a peace treaty--by destroying three of the four support columns of the building they're in ("A guy named Samson once had the same idea!", he says) and threatening to destroy the last one, killing them all, if they don't reach an agreement.

Finally, Clark sends a telegram to his editor, explaining that he'll be heading back home on the same plane the murderers are on. The murderers are arrested, Clark testifies at the trial, and they are sentenced to the electric chair. In the end, Clark destroys the formula for the gas, declaring that it is "too deadly to be permitted to exist".

Interesting, if not great.

Character Type
Superman Main
Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Inker / Letterer / Penciller
Paul H. Cassidy Inker


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