Type Story
Date 1950-10
Tags Mars, possession

The Last Martian

"The Last Martian" has a newspaper reporter interviewing an apparent madman who claims to be the last Martian. Only hours ago, he says, he was on Mars, where he found everyone dead. Then, he pushed a button and found himself on Earth, in the body of a human.

It turns out that the newsman is a Martian, too--all the Martians fled their dying world, and plan to take over Earth. The madman didn't know about it because he is an imbecile with a Martian IQ of about fifteen--about average for a human--who had be institutionalized and was somehow missed when everyone was leaving. The newsman convinces him that he really is the human whose body he inhabits and sends him 'home'.

Name Role
Fredric Brown Author


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