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Date 2005-08-01
Tags cycling

Critical Mass Harassment: July's Critical Mass Marred by Police Harassment (Link)

The July 2005 installment of Milwaukee’s new Critical Mass was marred by, while not massive, surely excessive, police resistance.  Within a half hour of the rides’ start, the boys in blue had every participant, save a few lucky riders who fled and a few unlucky riders who were handcuffed and placed in squad cars, sitting on the curb in two groups along National Avenue. 

However, the few that either verbally resisted or did not dismount quickly enough were violently removed.  The latter group included a small toddler in a bike carriage that was forcefully flipped over by one of Milwaukee’s finest after the father had been tackled to the ground, handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car for, apparently, taking too long to get off his bike.

With a crime rate reaching record levels - there have already been 78 murders in Milwaukee this year - one must ask whether the time of a dozen police officers is better served harassing a peaceful procession of cyclists for three hours on a Friday night or patrolling one of the many Milwaukee neighborhoods that have become increasingly marred by violence as of late.

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Evan Solochek