Type Story
Date 1968-09
Pages 2
Tags comedy

The Mysterious Yellow String

A little Trek story which Fanlore informs me is "a very creditable imitation of John Lennon's humorous style, as if Lennon were narrating a Star Trek episode". I don't know anything about that, but it's very absurd and amusing. It opens:

One dig abloat the S.S. Soapdish Spook had a mirivelous exasperance! As he was walking doon the corinthian he came upon a Yellow String.

"Aharhar!" declared Spook, "a most wondrously fascinating String!" And thought nothing more about it because it wasn't logical - finding Mysterious Yellow Strings and that. Spook proceeded at sub-warp speedy and out the very tiny corner of his eye noticed the String.

A mention is made in Fan Writing Panel; or, Don't Make Him Say That! of a bit of censorship to this story.

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Spock None
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Joyce Yasner Author


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