Type Essay
Date 1967-09
Tags pon farr, in-universe nonfiction

Physiologica Vulcanensis

An article by Sherna Comerford, Juanita Coulson, and Kay Anderson concerning Vulcan physiology--skin pigment, the circulatory system, pon farr, and more. Amusingly, "The interesting theory has arisen that the sentinent [sic] species of Vulcan has an ancestry which is far more feline that simian." It is also opined that Spock is likely to be sterile.

The length--about half a page--devoted to pon farr, given that "Amok Time" was yet to air (and, indeed, the term pon farr was not yet known) prefigures the substantial and sustained interest that this particular aspect of Vulcan physiology would have in the fandom.

Name Role
Juanita Coulson Author
Kay Anderson Author
Sherna Comerford Author


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