Type Episode
Date 1993-03-21
Tags Ferengi

The Nagus

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1x11

The Grand Nagus Zek arrives on DS9 to visit Quark. He compliments Quark for having the foresight to establish his bar at the mouth of the wormhole. When Krax, Zek's son, protests that Quark had no idea that there was a wormhole, Zek responds: "That's what makes it so impressive!"

Zek calls a meeting to discuss Ferengi business interests–in particular, expansion into the Gamma Quadrant, where no one knows to be wary of Ferengi. At the meeting, he announces that he is getting old, and isn't as greedy as he used to be, so he appoints Quark as the new Grand Nagus. Later, while giving Quark advice, Zek dies.

There is an attempt on Quark's life, which turns out to have been planned by Krax along with Quark's brother, Rom. A second attempt by the two also fails, and Zek reveals that his death was a ruse, and it was all a test to see if Krax was ready to succeed him as Nagus–a test Krax failed miserably.

In the B-plot, Sisko is worried about Jake being friends with Nog. Rom forbids Nog to go to school after the Nagus expresses concern about him wasting his time in a human school, and Nagus and Jake have a brief falling out, but they soon get back together. In the end, when Sisko goes to find Jake, who has not returned on time for dinner, he finds the two of them together–Jake teaching Nog to read.

As a story, this isn't much, but it's good to give Quark an outing, and it works well as comedy–Zek is excellent. And the story with Jake and Nog is good, too.


This is the first mention of The Rules of Acquisition. Rule 1: "Once you have their money, you never give it back." Rule 6: "Never let family stand in the way of opportunity."

Jake is teaching Nog to read, but how? They almost certainly don't share a language. I guess "now try reading this" with verbal feedback and letting the universal translator handle the details may be enough.

Character TypeName
Quark MainArmin Shimerman
Zek MainWallace Shawn
Benjamin Sisko SubAvery Brooks
Gral SubLee Arenberg
Jake Sisko SubCirroc Lofton
Krax SubLou Wagner
Maihar'Du SubTiny Ron
Nava SubBarry Gordon
Nog SubAron Eisenberg
Rom SubMax Grodénchik
Name RoleCharacter
Armin Shimerman Actor
Aron Eisenberg Actor
Avery Brooks Actor
Barry Gordon Actor
Cirroc Lofton Actor
David Livingston Director / Author
    Ira Steven Behr Screenwriter
      Lee Arenberg Actor
      Lou Wagner Actor
      Max Grodénchik Actor
      Tiny Ron Actor
      Wallace Shawn Actor