Type Comic
Date 2011-09-07

Static Shock #1

Static Shock #1 (2011-11)

I enjoyed this one. It was more fun than most of the others. I don't want to say that it's light-hearted, but it's certainly got a different tone from most of the others.

Impressions: this bad guy, Virule, shot something that looks like CDs at Static, and they appear to have severed his arm. Is that likely? Not sure if I trust this Hardware guy--don't know who he is, and it seems a bit suspicious. Could be he's a well known hero, though, I guess. (Update: seems he is a hero, though not particularly popular--97 appearances, according to Comic Vine)

I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Name Role
Guy Major Colorist
John Rozum Author
Jonathan Glapion Inker
Lebeau Underwood Inker
Scott McDaniel Author / Penciller