Static Shock

New 52
Parent series The New 52

For the first couple of issues, this one seemed to have promise, but it quickly went downhill. When I read #5, I thought that I had somehow missed a chapter, somewhere, because things seemed so off.

It turns out that the listed author, John Rozum, left the series entirely after the fourth issue, due to a lack of creative control--the artist and editor were writing the story, and Rozum had little input. He gave some details on his personal blog.


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Recharged Comic 2011-09-07 Guy Major, John Rozum, Jonathan Glapion, Lebeau Underwood, Scott McDaniel
Disarmed Comic 2011-10-05 Andy Owens, Guy Major, John Rozum, Scott McDaniel
Turnabout Comic 2011-11-02 John Rozum, Scott McDaniel
False Impressions Comic 2011-12-07 John Rozum, Scott McDaniel
True Natures Comic 2012-01-04
Unrepentant Comic 2012-02-01
Out of Phayze Comic 2012-03-07
Harsh Truths Comic 2012-04-04