Type Comic
Date 1940-05-21
Tags origin story, fiction

All-American Comics #16

All-American Comics #16 (1940-07)

And.. skipping straight from the first issue to the sixteenth. But none of the stories in the fist issue interested me, and the origin of the Green Lanter does, so here we are.

The Green Lantern

Alan Scott, engineer, is a passenger in a train going over a newly-constructed bridge, when the bridge is blown up, killing all other passengers. Alan alone survives, aided by a mysterious green lantern. The lantern was made from metal that fell to Earth in a meteor, and it grants him power--power to fight evil, so long as he has the will. He tuns his attention to the man who caused the bridge to be destroyed, Dekker, the owner of a rival construction company, who hopes to get the contract to rebuild the bridge. With the power of flight granted by the lantern, Alan terrifies Dekker into confessing. Just when he has confessed, Dekker drops dead of fright. Alan resolves to reorder his life around the fight against evil, starting with a costume "so bizarre that once I am seen I will never be forgotten!"

Alan Scott: vulnerable to wood; more accurately, invulnerable only to metals.