Type Comic
Date 2011-09-21
Tags fiction

Welcome to Gotham

Nightwing #1 (2011-11)

Nightwing! I'm fairly sure I've never, ever actually read anything with him in it! Well, wait, was Dick going by that name at some point in Teen Titans? Maybe. I think he was by the time the second series of it came around (the one from '84, or whenever). Anyway, let's see what it's all about.

So, prior to this issue, Dick was filling in as Batman for nearly a year. Now, though, he's back to being himself--back to being Nightwing.

He meets up with some people from his old circus, which is back in town, and then heads home. On the way, he encounters a contract killer, who is out for... Dick Grayson! After a distraction (cops--not a good day for them, I fear), Nightwing confronts the villain, who explains that Dick Grayson "isn't innocent"--that he's "the fiercest killer in all of Gotham. And he doesn't even know it." Wha--? Mystery!

This should be fun, I think. I'll admit that my interest in the Bat family is mostly just centered on Batman, but the others have their own good qualities. Dick's a lot like Bruce. He's got some similar motivations, he conducts his crime-fighting in similar ways (AFAIK--again, I'm not so familiar with him as I might be), and he surely gives off something of a Batman vibe. Fitting, since he's just spent a year as Batman. I'll be happy to keep reading this one.