2011, New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Welcome to Gotham Comic 2011-09-21
Haly's Wish Comic 2011-10-19
Past and Present Comic 2011-11-16 Eddy Barrows, Eduardo Pansica, Kyle Higgins
South Beach Connection Comic 2011-12-21 Kyle Higgins, Trevor McCarthy
'Til Death Do Us Part Comic 2012-01-18
Good Girl Gone Bad Comic 2012-02-15
Turning Points Comic 2012-03-21
Bloodlines Comic 2012-04-18
The Gray Son Comic 2012-05-16
The Tomorrow People Comic 2012-06-20
Tomorrow Can't Wait Comic 2012-07-18
Inside Out Comic 2012-08-15
Perpetual Motion Comic 2012-09-19
The Hunter Comic 2012-10-17
Die for Me Comic 2012-11-21
Cleaning House Comic 2012-12-19
Curtain Call Comic 2013-01-23
The Long Week Comic 2013-02-20
Slow Burn Comic 2013-03-20
Second City Comic 2013-04-17
Flying Blind Comic 2013-05-15
Co$t of Living Comic 2013-06-12
Showtime Comic 2013-07-10
World Turned Upside Down Comic 2013-08-14
Buyer's Remorse Comic 2013-10-09
Zero Year: One Dark City Night Comic 2013-11-13
Some Strings Attached Comic 2013-12-11
Curiouser and Curiouser Comic 2014-01-15
Butterfly Effects Comic 2014-02-12
Safety Net Comic 2014-03-12
Setting Son Comic 2014-05-28