Type Comic
Date 2011-09-07
Tags fiction

First Strikes

Hawk & Dove #1 (2011-11)

Hawk and Dove. Pre-Crisis, they were Hank and Don Hall, brothers. This New 52 version is post-crisis, so Don is dead, and the new Dove is a woman, Dawn Granger. There's a lot of tension between them--Hank hasn't accepted Dawn as a substitute for his brother, and Dawn has a secret she's not telling him, related to his dead brother.

Hawk and Dove stop an airplane that a terrorist had loaded with some sort of zombie and and aimed at the capitol. Later, said zombie turns up, and someone unknown grabs it, saying "--but to me, you smell like dinner. You smell like... Hawk & Dove." Probably an enemy? Many unanswered questions, here.

Character Type
Dove Main
Hawk Main
Name Role
Matt Yackey Colorist
Rob Liefeld Inker / Penciller
Sterling Gates Author