Rob Liefeld

Source Date Type Role
First Strikes 2011-09-07 Comic Inker / Penciller
When a White House Runs Red… 2011-11-02 Comic
The Interrogation 2011-12-07 Comic
Breaking Out! 2012-05-09 Comic
Return to Starpoint 2012-06-13 Comic
Showdown at Starpoint 2012-07-11 Comic
The Omega Agenda 2012-08-08 Comic
A Soldier's Story 2012-09-12 Comic
Origins Matter After Cancellation; Mister Terrific; Balance of Power; Mother Machine; Kinstanc Karma 2012-09-19 Comic Author
The Most Dangerous Game 2012-10-10 Comic
Hawkman: Wanted, Part 3 of 6 2012-11-14 Comic