Type Comic
Date 1940-07
Tags Pygmalion plot, fiction

Flash Comics #7

Flash Comics #7 (1940-07)

The Flash

Summary: Henry Smith has invented a weapon that can dissolve metal. Another man, 'Black Mike', forces him to build and use that weapon, lest Black Mike do Henry's daughter harm. Black Mike uses the weapon to dissolve cars in a race so that his favorite will will. One of the Flash's friends is in that race, too, so the Flash stops Black Mike and some other foul play, and his friend wins the race.

Notes: Unmemorable.

The Hawkman

Summary: A sculptor makes a living statue, which he calls Czar, unkillable except by stopping its breath. He uses it to commit robberies, and intends to create more such statues, to form an invincible army and take over the world. Fortunately, Hawkman learns of the statue's weakness. The Pygmalion-like sculptor is killed trying to protect his creation, and Hawkman destroys Czar shortly after.

Notes: This would be a better story if the statue's speech weren't so irritating. For example, in one panel, the narration tells us "The fear-maddened Czar rushes from the house.", and Czar is saying "Me run away. Me scared." Gee, thanks. That adds a lot to the story. The solution also comes far too easily--the sculptor just can't shut up about his creation's one, secret vulnerability. If he'd just not said anything about it, he'd be king of the world, by now.