Type Comic
Date 2011-09-28
Tags fiction

No Rest for the Wicked

All-Star Western #1 (2011-11)

Westerns are not so much my thing, but let's see what they do with this one. That's Jonah Hex on the cover, I do believe. I really can't recall what his story is, so there'll be plenty to learn.

We open on a train station. The place: Gotham City. The time: the 1880s. Jonah Hex has arrived in Gotham. Later, he, along with Doctor Amadeus Arkham, will show up at a crime scene, where someone has killed a prostitute and written 'metus'--Latin for 'fear'--on the wall in her blood. Several other prostitutes have been killed, already. Detective Lofton has asked the two of them in to help catch the butcher; Chief Cromwell does not agree with this decision. Ultimately, it is decided that the two will conduct a separate investigation, and, should they solve the case, all credit will go to the Gotham police. Arkham finds Hex an interesting subject; Hex is not so pleased with the partnership.

The two seek information. Hex learns from a prostitute--a prior acquaintance of his--that the man responsible for the killings picked the girls up in a big black carriage, and wore a silver ring shaped like a skull. Arkham is pleased to hear this--Hex has "unearthed more valuable information in a few hours than the police force has in weeks." Hex wants to sleep, so they part ways. While he sleeps, the butcher kills the woman who gave him information, leaving him a message: "Jonah Hex Leave Gotham".

Later, the two attend a charity event at Mayor Cobblepot's--Arkham believes the killer will be in attendance. The two arrive, much to the displeasure of Cromwell, who attempts to force them out. There, they see that many of the most powerful men in Gotham are wearing rings with skulls on them--a sign, according to Colonel Hammersmith and Doctor Dupree of their "affiliation with a group of like-minded individuals seeking the betterment of society." Hex and Arkham quickly leave, Hex opining that "things are gonna get a lot more dangerous" for them.

An interesting look at an early time in Gotham's history. We have a Mayor Cobblepot, and we learn that Alan Wayne, the Gate brothers, and Cyrus Pickney are some of the most affluent men in Gotham. The art style is appealing, as well. Much of the story is told by Arkham, who is trying to understand Hex. It could become tiresome, if his commentary continues indefinitely, but I think it works fairly well, here, giving us insight into both men.

This comic is much more interesting than I thought it would be! I'll definitely look forward to future issues.

Name Role
Jimmy Palmiotti Author
Justin Gray Author