Type Comic
Date 2011-09-28
Tags sexploitation, fiction

Keeping Secrets

Voodoo #1 (2011-11)

So, we open in... a strip club. Hmm. The title character, I suppose, Voodoo, is on stage. She's being watched by a man and a woman, Evans and Fallon, agents of some organization that (it will be revealed) is concerned that Voodoo is actually an alien, gathering information, heralding an invasion. Voodoo is a shapeshifter with some telepathic ability. Fallon, disgusted, walks out, and later Evans buys a private dance from Voodoo, where he explains the situation to her, and asks her to turn herself in. She kills him, assumes his form, and goes to meet his partner.

Meh. It's got potential, I guess, but, as usual, we just don't learn enough from this issue to judge. I guess I'll have to see how it goes.

On a happier note, this is the final #1 issue! Onward to December and Action Comics #2.

Character Type
Voodoo Main
Name Role
Jared K. Fletcher Letterer
Jessica Kholinne Colorist
Ron Marz Author
Sami Basri Cover Artist / Inker / Penciller
Sunny Gho Cover Artist