Type Comic
Date 2011-09-21
Tags sex in comics, fiction

...And Most Of The Costumes Stay On...

Catwoman #1 (2011-11)

Catwoman. Another villain comic. Well, sort of--she's not exactly one of the good guys, is she? So, let's see what she's up to, this time...

Ah. Catwoman's apartment is blown up. Her cats are okay, since she grabs them before abandoning the place. She goes crazy over a bad Russian dude. She overhears about a valuable (for 'sentimental' reasons, more or less) painting, and makes plans to steal it. Then Batman shows up to be sure she's okay, and they have sex "...and most of the costumes stay on." This is probably not entirely for kinky reasons, since she doesn't know Batman's identity, and imagines that he doesn't know hers. Maybe she's even right about that, at this point.

So... Catwoman's a pretty interesting character. Sympathetic. Thief, not a super-evil monstrosity, like many villains. All of Batman's rogues are kind of crazy, and so is Batman, but Catwoman's more balanced than most, probably. Well, anyway, I'll keep reading this, I think. Could be good as a look at not just Catwoman, but Batman, too.