2011, New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
...And Most Of The Costumes Stay On... Comic 2011-09-21
I Could Say That I'll Sleep Better Tomorrow, But That's A Lie Comic 2011-10-19
No One Can Find Any Piece Of Me Here Comic 2011-11-16 Guillem March, Judd Winick
You... Still In The Game? Comic 2011-12-21 Guillem March, Judd Winick
This Has Got To Be Dirty Comic 2012-01-18 Guillem March, Judd Winick
Welcome To The Hard Way Comic 2012-02-15 Guillem March, Judd Winick
But There's No Harm In Taking A Good Hard Look Comic 2012-03-21 Adriana Melo, Judd Winick
I'm Good At Getting People To Do What I Need Them To Do Comic 2012-04-18 Adriana Melo, Judd Winick
Mirrors Come In All Sizes Comic 2012-05-16 Guillem March, Judd Winick
And All That Is Left Is For Me Comic 2012-06-20 Guillem March, Judd Winick
I'm Just Refilling My Coffers Comic 2012-07-18 Adriana Melo, Judd Winick
It's Nice To Have Someone I Can RELY On Comic 2012-08-15 Adriana Melo, Judd Winick
Zip Me Up Comic 2012-09-19 Adriana Melo, Ann Nocenti
Burnt Offerings Comic 2012-10-17 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
To Skin a Cat Comic 2012-11-21 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
In the Zone Comic 2012-12-19 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
Battle in Black Comic 2013-01-23 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
Rat Tales Comic 2013-02-20 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
He Said, She Said Comic 2013-03-20 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
Slam Comic 2013-04-17 Ann Nocenti, Cliff Richards, Rafa Sandoval, Stefano Martino
Escalate Comic 2013-05-15 Ann Nocenti, Diogenes Neves, Mateus Santolouco, Rafa Sandoval
Gang War Comic 2013-06-26 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
Down Under Comic 2013-07-24 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
Down Under, Part 2; No Blood, No Foul Comic 2013-08-28 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval, Scott McDaniel
Down Under, Part 3; You Meet the Best People at Rock Bottom Comic 2013-10-23 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
Zero Year: Before the Claws Come Out Comic 2013-11-27 Aaron Lopresti, John Layman
Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Friend Comic 2013-12-31 Ann Nocenti, Rafa Sandoval
Happiness is a Cold Gun Comic 2014-01-29 Ann Nocenti, Cliff Richards, Pat Olliffe
The Way of the Cat Comic 2014-02-26 Ann Nocenti, Pat Olliffe
Crash and Grab Comic 2014-03-26 Pat Olliffe, Sholly Fisch
Race of Thieves, Part 1: Crime Pays Comic 2014-04-23 Ann Nocenti, Pat Olliffe
Race of Thieves: Gauntlet Comic 2014-05-28 Ann Nocenti, Pat Olliffe
Race of Thieves, Part 3: Hijack Comic 2014-06-25 Ann Nocenti, Pat Olliffe
Race of Thieves, Part 4: A Cold Case Comic 2014-07-23 Ann Nocenti, Pat Olliffe
Remote Life Comic 2014-08-27
Comfort to the Hurt of the King Comic 2014-10-22
Keeper of the Castle Comic 2014-11-26
Sooner or Later You Will Descend Comic 2014-12-17
The Serpent Comic 2015-01-28
Better Than He Does Himself Comic 2015-02-25
The Issue and End Comic 2015-03-25
Caesar or Nothing, Part One Comic 2015-06-10
Caesar or Nothing, Part Two Comic 2015-07-08
Them That Bear It Comic 2015-08-12
Fire Comic 2015-09-09
The Daughter of One Who Had No Fear Comic 2015-10-14
Not Forgotten Comic 2015-11-11
On the Run Part One Comic 2015-12-09
Run Like Hell Part Two Comic 2016-01-13
Run Like Hell Part Three Comic 2016-02-10
Run Like Hell Part Four Comic 2016-03-09
Faceless Part One Comic 2016-04-13
Faceless Part Two Comic 2016-05-11