Type Comic
Date 2011-09-21
Tags origin story

Blue Beetle #1

Blue Beetle #1 (2011-11)

This guy, I like. Since I saw him in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, anyway. Had I met the character, before that? Maybe...

So, we open with a Blue Beetle--scarab guy, whatever you call them generically--attacking a planet. They're probably screwed... yep.

And, hey, origin story! Jaime becomes the Blue Beetle. Not that I don't appreciate origin stories, because I really do, but it is a little tiring reading a bunch of stories where nothing quite happens since it's the first issue. The better comics give you something to chew on, even in the first issue. This one's okay, though.

Looks like they're trying to give this a Latin flavor. Quinceaneras, gratuitous Spanglish, and all. Sensible goal. Honestly, I can't say whether they've done a good job on that. I can decode Spanish, with some effort, but I don't know what Latin American culture looks like in the US, so I'm not gonna be able to tell. I'd as likely spot a fake as tell you that Nanook of the North is purely authentic.

Well. I'm surely going to keep reading this one. Blue Beetle's a reasonably interesting character, and I'd like to see where they go, since we're starting at the beginning.