Type Comic
Date 1940-04-23
Tags hypnotism, fiction

Action Comics #25

Action Comics #25 (1940-06)


Summary: A rash of robberies are occurring, with a twist--the apparent robbers have no memory of their crimes. It turns out that a hypnotist, Medini, has been using his powers to cause others to steal for him and forget they've done it. The perfect crime! His powers are even somewhat effective against Superman, but eventually Superman throws off his compulsion and defeats the criminal.

It was amusing to see Superman staggering around as though drunk, unable to control his strength, until he threw off the hypnosis completely. A point, though: why is hypnosis such a popular plot device in these old comics?

Zatara and the "One Man Crime Wave"

Summary: A crime wave is being orchestrated by "Asmodeus", a former chess champion who plans out every detail of the crimes so there can be no mistake. Zatara is able to use his magic to defeat Asmodeus.

Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Illustrator