The Prisoner

1967--1968 British TV series


Title Type Date Names Characters
Arrival Episode 1967-09-29 David Tomblin, Don Chaffey, George Baker, George Markstein, Guy Doleman, Patrick McGoohan, Paul Eddington, Virginia Maskell Cobb, Number Six, Number Two, The Woman
The Chimes of Big Ben Episode 1967-10-06 Don Chaffey, Leo McKern, Nadia Gray, Patrick McGoohan, Vincent Tilsley Nadia, Number Six, Number Two
A. B. and C. Episode 1967-10-13 Anthony Skene, Colin Gordon, Pat Jackson, Patrick McGoohan Number Six, Number Two
Free for All Episode 1967-10-20 Eric Portman, Paddy Fitz, Patrick McGoohan, Rachel Herbert Number Fifty-Eight, Number Six, Number Two
The Schizoid Man Episode 1967-10-27 Anton Rodgers, Jane Merrow, Pat Jackson, Patrick McGoohan, Terence Feely Alison, Number Six, Number Two
The General Episode 1967-11-03 Betty McDowall, Colin Gordon, John Castle, Joshua Adam, Patrick McGoohan, Peter Graham Scott, Peter Howell Number Six, Number Twelve, Number Two, The Professor, The Professor's wife
Many Happy Returns Episode 1967-11-10 Anthony Skene, Donald Sinden, Georgina Cookson, Joseph Serf, Patrick Cargill, Patrick McGoohan Number Six, Number Two, The Colonel, Thorpe
Dance of the Dead Episode 1967-11-17 Alan White, Anthony Skene, Don Chaffey, Duncan Macrae, Mary Morris, Norma West, Patrick McGoohan Doctor, Number Six, Number Two, Observer, Roland Walter Dutton
Checkmate Episode 1967-11-24 Don Chaffey, Gerald Kelsey, Patrick McGoohan, Peter Wyngarde, Ronald Radd, Rosalie Crutchley Number Six, Number Two, Queen, Rook
Hammer into Anvil Episode 1967-12-01 Pat Jackson, Patrick Cargill, Patrick McGoohan, Roger Woddis Number Six, Number Two
It's Your Funeral Episode 1967-12-08 André van Gyseghem, Annette Andre, Derren Nesbitt, Martin Miller, Michael Cramoy, Patrick McGoohan, Robert Asher Number Six, Number Two, Watchmaker, Watchmaker's Daughter
A Change of Mind Episode 1967-12-15 Angela Browne, John Sharp, Patrick McGoohan, Roger Parkes Number Eighty-Six, Number Six, Number Two
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling Episode 1967-12-22 Clifford Evans, Hugo Schuster, John Wentworth, Nigel Stock, Pat Jackson, Patrick McGoohan, Vincent Tilsley, Zena Walker Colonel, Janet Portland, Number Six, Number Two, Professor Jacob Seltzman, Sir Charles Portland
Living in Harmony Episode 1967-12-29 Alexis Kanner, David Bauer, David Tomblin, Ian L. Rakoff, Patrick McGoohan, Valerie French Number Eight, Number Six, Number Twenty-Two, Number Two
The Girl Who Was Death Episode 1968-01-18 David Tomblin, Kenneth Griffith, Patrick McGoohan, Terence Feely Number Six, Number Two
Once Upon a Time Episode 1968-01-25 Leo McKern, Patrick McGoohan Number Six, Number Two
Fall Out Episode 1968-02-01 Leo McKern, Patrick McGoohan Number Six, Number Two