World's Finest Comics

Parent series DC comics


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
World's Best Comics #1 Comic 1941-01
World's Finest Comics #2 Comic 1941-06 (Summer)
Superman, Batman and Robin, Red, White & Blue, Zatara Comic 1941-08
Superman, Batman and Robin, Zatara, Sandman, Red White & Blue : Winter Issue Comic 1941-12
Superman, Batman and Robin, Sandman, Zatara, Red, White & Blue : 96 Thrilling Pages! Comic 1942-03
Summer Issue Comic 1942-06
Fall Issue Comic 1942-09
WInter Issue : Sink the Japanazis With Bonds & Stamps Comic 1942-10-30
Knock Out the Axis with Bonds & Stamps : Superman! Batman! Boy Commandos! : Spring Issue Comic 1943-03
Summer Issue : Featuring These Favorites : Superman, batman and Robin, Boy Commandos, Green Arrow, Star Spangled Kid, Zatara, and Others! Comic 1943-06
Fall Issue : Victory Garden Comic 1943-09
Fight paper Waste- And Hang One On The Paper-Hanger of Berlin! Comic 1944-03
Summer Issue : No Swimming Comic 1944-06
Fall Issue Comic 1944-09
Winter Issue Comic 1944-12
Spring Issue Comic 1945-03
Summer Issue Comic 1945-06
Fall Issue Comic 1945-09
Winter Issue Comic 1945-12
Featuring Superman- Batman- Boy Commandos and Other Top Flight Favorites! Comic 1946-04
World's Finest Comics #22 Comic 1946-06
World's Finest Comics #23 Comic 1946-08
World's Finest Comics #24 Comic 1946-10
Winter Issue Comic 1946-12
World's Finest Comics #25 Comic 1947-01
World's Finest Comics #26 Comic 1947-02
World's Finest Comics #27 Comic 1947-04
World's Finest Comics #28 Comic 1947-06
World's Finest Comics #29 Comic 1947-08
World's Finest Comics #30 Comic 1947-10
World's Finest Comics #31 Comic 1947-12
World's Finest Comics #32 Comic 1948-02
World's Finest Comics #33 Comic 1948-04
World's Finest Comics #34 Comic 1948-06
World's Finest Comics #35 Comic 1948-08
World's Finest Comics #36 Comic 1948-10
World's Finest Comics #37 Comic 1948-12
World's Finest Comics #38 Comic 1949-02
World's Finest Comics #39 Comic 1949-04
World's Finest Comics #40 Comic 1949-06
World's Finest Comics #41 Comic 1949-08
Introducing That Two-Fisted, Fighting Star of the West... The Wyoming Kid! Comic 1949-10
Featuring Superman, Batman and Robin, The Wyoming Kid, Green Arrow Comic 1950-01
Featuring Superman, Batman and Robin, The Wyoming Kid, Green Arrow Comic 1950-03
World's Finest Comics #45 Comic 1950-05
World's Finest Comics #46 Comic 1950-07
Superman Batman Green Arrow Wyoming Kid and Others Comic 1950-10
Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Wyoming Kid and Others Comic 1950-11
Introducing a Brand New Hero - Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor! Comic 1951-01
World's Finest Comics #50 Comic 1951-03
Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Wyoming Kid, Tom Sparks Comic 1951-05
River of Diamonds! Comic 1951-07
World's Finest Comics #53 Comic 1951-09
World's Finest Comics #54 Comic 1951-11
World's Finest Comics #55 Comic 1952-01
World's Finest Comics #56 Comic 1952-02
World's Finest Comics #57 Comic 1952-04
World's Finest Comics #58 Comic 1952-06
World's Finest Comics #59 Comic 1952-08
World's Finest Comics #60 Comic 1952-10
World's Finest Comics #61 Comic 1952-12
What's going on here ?!? Comic 1953-02
World's Finest Comics #63 Comic 1953-04
World's Finest Comics #64 Comic 1953-06
World's Finest Comics #65 Comic 1953-08
World's Finest Comics #66 Comic 1953-10
World's Finest Comics #67 Comic 1953-12
World's Finest Comics #68 Comic 1954-02
World's Finest Comics #69 Comic 1954-04
Shoe Shines Comic 1954-06
Batman - Double for Superman! Comic 1954-08
Superman and Batman in One Adventure Together ... Fort Crime! Comic 1954-10
Batman and Superman, Swamis Inc. Comic 1954-12
The Contest of Heroes! Comic 1955-02
The New Team of Superman and Robin Comic 1955-04
When Gotham City Challenged Metropolis! Comic 1955-06
The Super-Batman! Comic 1955-08
When Superman's Identity Is Exposed Comic 1955-10
The Three Magicians of Bagdad! Comic 1955-12
The Super-Newspaper of Gotham City Comic 1956-02
The True History of Superman and Batman Comic 1956-04
The Three Super-Musketeers! Comic 1956-06
Mother Goose Mystery Comic 1956-08
The Super-Mystery of Metropolis! Comic 1956-10
The Super-Rivals! Comic 1956-12
The Super Show of Gotham City! Comic 1957-02
The Reversed Heroes Comic 1957-04
Superman and Batman's Greatest Foes Comic 1957-06
The Club of Heroes Comic 1957-08
The Super-Batwoman Comic 1957-10
The Three Super-Sleepers Comic 1957-12
The Boy from Outer Space Comic 1958-02
The Boss of Batman and Superman Comic 1958-04
Origin of the Superman Batman Team Comic 1958-06
Battle of the Super-Heroes! Comic 1958-07
The Super-Foes From Planet X! Comic 1958-09
The Day Superman Betrayed Batman Comic 1958-10
The Menace of the Moonman Comic 1958-12
Batman's Super-Spending Spree Comic 1959-02
The Dictator of Krypton City Comic 1959-03
Menace of the Atom-Master! Comic 1959-05
The Caveman from Krypton Comic 1959-06
Secret of the Sorceror's Treasure Comic 1959-08
The Plot to Destroy Superman Comic 1959-09
The Alien Superman Comic 1959-11
Duplicate Man Comic 1959-12
Secret of the Time Creature Comic 1960-02
The Star Creatures Comic 1960-03
The Bewitched Batman Comic 1960-05
The Alien Who Doomed Robin Comic 1960-06
Supermans Secret Kingdom Comic 1960-08
The Menace of Superman's Pet Comic 1960-09
Bat-Mite Meets Mr. Mxyzptlk Comic 1960-11
Captives of the Space Globes Comic 1960-12
The Curse That Doomed Superman Comic 1961-02
The Creature From Beyond Comic 1961-03
Super-Batwoman & the Super-Creature Comic 1961-05
The Creature That Was Exchanged for Superman Comic 1961-06
The Secret of Tigerman Comic 1961-08
The Mirror Batman Comic 1961-11
The Capture of Superman Comic 1961-12
The Incredible Team of Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk Comic 1962-02
Hostages from the Island of Doom Comic 1962-05
The Negative Superman! Comic 1962-06
The Sorcerer From the Stars! Comic 1962-08
Challenge of the Faceless Creatures Comic 1962-09
The Power That Transformed Batman! Comic 1962-09
Joker-Luthor Incorporated Comic 1962-11
Riddle of the Four Planets Comic 1962-12
The Mystery of the Crimson Avenger Comic 1963-02
Batman and Robin, Medieval Bandits Comic 1963-03
Beasts of the Supernatural Comic 1963-05
The Band of Super-Villains ; The Mystery Of The Missing Inventors! Comic 1963-06
Menace of the Future Man; The Creatures That Conquered Aquaman Comic 1963-08
The Batman Nobody Remembered ; The Magician Boss Of The Incas Comic 1963-09
Superman's Secret Master ; The Day That Aquaman Lost His Powers Comic 1963-11
Secret of the Captured Cavemen! Comic 1963-12
The Ghost of Batman ; The Doom Hunters Comic 1964-02
The Clayface Superman! Comic 1964-03
The Olsen-Robin Team vs The Superman-Batman Team Comic 1964-05
The Composite Superman! Comic 1964-06
The Feud Between Batman and Superman Comic 1964-08
The 1,001 Tricks of Clayface and Brainiac! Comic 1964-09
Prison For Heroes Comic 1964-11
Batman, Son of Krypton Comic 1964-12
The Doomed Boy Heroes! Comic 1965-02
Superman and Batman-- Outlaws! Comic 1965-03
The Game of Secret Identities Comic 1965-05
Duel of the Super-Gamblers Comic 1965-06
The Infinite Evolutions of Superman and Batman Comic 1965-08
The Colossal Kids Comic 1965-08
The Saga of Superman vs. Batman Comic 1965-11
The Sons of Superman and Batman Comic 1965-12
Exit Batman-- Enter Nightman! Comic 1966-02
The Federation of Bizarro Idiots Comic 1966-03
The Abominable Brats Comic 1966-05
The Invulnerable Super-Enemy Comic 1966-06
The Cape And Cowl Crooks! Comic 1966-08
Fatal Forecasts of Doctor Zodiac! Comic 1966-09
Superman and Batman with Robin Together in Six Thrilling Adventures! A Star-Studded Collection! Comic 1966-10
Pawns of the Jousting Master! Comic 1966-11
The Court of No Hope Comic 1966-12
Genia Mistress of Malice in The Broken Code! Comic 1967-02
The Crown of Crime Comic 1967-03
The Batman and Superman Team of the Future Against the Future Muto-Joker Team! Comic 1967-05
The New Superman and Batman Team Comic 1967-06
The Return of the Composite Superman! Comic 1967-08
The Supergirl-Batgirl Plot! Comic 1967-09
The World's Finest Heroes Together in Six Startling Sagas! Comic 1967-10
The Executioner's List ; The Secret of Kryptonite Comic 1967-11
Superman and Batman - Brothers Comic 1967-12
The Jekyll-Hyde Heroes Comic 1968-02
The Double-Death Wish! Comic 1968-03
The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads Comic 1968-05
The Superman-Batman Split! Comic 1968-06
Duel of the Crime-Kings Comic 1968-06
The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team Comic 1968-08
Superman, the Has-Been Hero! Comic 1968-09
Superman's Perfect Crime Comic 1968-11
The Hunter and the Hunted Comic 1968-12
The Mad Manhunter Comic 1969-02
Superman's Crime of the Ages Comic 1969-03
Robin's Revenge Comic 1969-05
The Galactic Gamblers Comic 1969-06
The Demon Superman Comic 1969-07-24
The Bat Witch Comic 1969-08
The Super-Rivals Comic 1969-10
The Man with Superman's Heart Comic 1969-11
The Final Revenge of Luthor! Comic 1970-01
Execution on Krypton! ; Stone-Deaf Robin! Comic 1970-02
The Prison of No Escape! ; Danger in the Hall of Trophies! Comic 1970-03
The Breaking of Superman and Batman! ; The Bellboy Wonder! Comic 1970-05
Inside the Mafia Gang! Comic 1970-06
Dig Now, Die Later! Comic 1970-08
The Kryptonite Express! Comic 1970-09
It's Superman Vs. Batman in 3 Titanic Tales! : Extra! A Green Arrow Story Drawn by Jack Kirby! Comic 1970-11
Race to Save the Universe! Comic 1970-11
Race to Save Time Comic 1970-12
Prisoners of the Immortal World! Comic 1971-02
A Prize of Peril! Comic 1971-03
Vengeance of the Tomb-Thing! Comic 1971-05
Who's Minding the Earth? Comic 1971-06
Journey to the End of Hope! Comic 1971-08
The Computer that Captured a Town! Comic 1971-09
Superman and Batman Enter Weird Adventures on Other Worlds! Comic 1971-10
A Matter of Light and Death! Comic 1971-11
Peril of the Planet-Smashers!; The Inside Story of Robotman!; The Spectacular Crimes Comic 1971-11
Meet the Tempter.... and Die! ; Tweedledum and Tweedledee Comic 1972-02
The Mystery of the Alien Super-Boy Comic 1972-03
World of Faceless Slaves! ; The Sword of Hate Comic 1972-03
Fugitive From the Stars! ; The Harlequin! Comic 1972-05
...And So My World Begins! ; The Outland Pirates ; Underworld Jam Session! Comic 1972-06
Peril in a Very Small Place! Comic 1972-09
A Beast Stalks the Badlands Comic 1972-11
Saga of the Super Sons! Comic 1973-01
Little Town with a Big Secret! Comic 1973-03
Heroes With Dirty Hands Comic 1973-05
Who Is Capricorn?! ; The Haunted Millionaire Comic 1973-08
The Prisoner of Rogue's Rock! ; Tick-Tock Boom Boom Comic 1973-10
Let No Man Write My Epitaph ; Tears of an Element Man! Comic 1973-12
Cry Not for My Forsaken Son! Comic 1974-02
Evil in Paradise Comic 1974-04
Wipe the Blood Off My Name! ; The Composite Superman! ; The Reversed Heroes Comic 1974-06
The Shocking Switch of the Super-Sons ; Tubby Watts, Efficiency Expert! ; Never Bet Against An Element Man! Comic 1974-08
Bow Before Satan's Children ; Prisoners of 100 Million B.C. ; The Duplicate Crimes! Comic 1974-10
The Freak Who Never Fails ; I Hate the Sandman! ; The Genius Who Fought Himself ; What Makes a Corpse Cry? Comic 1974-12
Death Flaunts Its Golden Grin ; The Secret of Mount Olympus ; The Reformed Owlhoot Club! Comic 1975-02
Crown for a New Batman ; The Broadway Posse! ; The Menace of the Land-Sea Beasts ; Junkyard of Doom ; Hideout on Fear Island Comic 1975-03
The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team ; The Strangler From The Stars Comic 1975-04
The Girl Whom Time Forgot ; The Soercerer of the Sea! ; To Call a Deadman Comic 1975-05
Hero Is a Dirty Name Comic 1975-07
The Dream Bomb Comic 1975-09
World Without Men Comic 1975-10
The Family That Fled Earth Comic 1975-12
Superman's Stolen Birthday Comic 1976-01
Killers Come in All Sizes Comic 1976-03
Intruder from a Dead World Comic 1976-04
The Angel With a Dirty Name Comic 1976-06
The UFO That Stole the USA Comic 1976-07
How Do You Kill a Superman? Comic 1976-09
Make Way for a Better World Comic 1976-10
Town of the Timeless Killers Comic 1976-12
Three Billion Targets!; Rainbows of Doom; Slings and Arrows; Explosion in a Small Town!; Jeopardy -- Times Two! Comic 1977-01-13
We Are Not Alone Comic 1977-03
Today Mars, Tomorrow the Universe ; The Man-Bear Stalks at Midnight ; Hospital of Fear ; The Plague Makers ; Hell on Skis Comic 1977-07
The Truth About Superman's Twin Brother Comic 1977-09
The Last Hurrah for a Superman ; Requiem of Rage ; Isle of Hate--Isle of Horror Comic 1977-10
The Lurkers ; Re-Birth Is His Name ; All the Dummy's Men ; The Amazon and the Rock Comic 1977-12
The Vampire of Steel ; Will the Costume Make the Hero? ; Moon Lady and the Monster ; Fire in the Sky Comic 1978-03
The Reality War ; Collision with Destiny ; The Ravager of Time ; Return of the Past Comic 1978-05
Invasion of the Deathless Brain ; The Vertigo Version ; No Home for the Hero ; The Disruptor ; A Kiss of Death Times Three Comic 1978-07
The Will of the Whisperer ; Blades and Illusion ; The Keeper of Secrets Is Death ; A Poison of the Heart Comic 1978-09
The Third Face Is Death ; I Die Screaming ; The Sound of Murder ; The Wrecker ; The Captain and the King Comic 1978-11
Whom the Gods Would Destroy ; Primeval Scream ; The Race Is Running ; Beware Mr. Wrinkles ; The Devil and Captain Marvel Comic 1979-01
Thou Shalt Have No Other Batman Before Me ; Nothing But a Man ; Furious Fran and the Dagger Lady ; Dreamdancer Comic 1979-03
The Werewolf of Krypton ; Encounter with a Dark Avenger ; The Night the Cry Failed ; Prey of the Harpies ; The Gamemaster's Death Wager Comic 1979-05
The Innocent Who Hated ; Death Ransom ; Time Keeps on Killing ; Attack of the In-and-Out Invaders ; The Invincible Man Comic 1979-07
The Curse of Krypton ; The Blood of the Lamb ; One Man Can Cry ; Death Orbit ; The Courtship of Captain Nazi Comic 1979-09
Gotham City-- Ghost City ; Stake Out Earth ; Regarding the Winged Wonder ; The Last Hideout ; The Secret of Mr. Tawny Comic 1979-11
The Four Billion Superman of Earth ; Tight Squeeze for a Tiny Titan ; Lure of the Magnetic Menace ; There Goes the Neighborhood Comic 1980-01
Showdown at Gotham City ; The Relativity of Auntie Gravity ; Return of the River Rat ; Case of the Runaway Sculpture Comic 1980-03
The Power of the Pi-Meson Man ; Gravitational Boom-a-rang ; Siren of the Sargasso ; The Ghost of Adam Strange ; The Captain Marvel of 7,000 B.C. Comic 1980-05
The Final Secret of the Super-Sons ; Hell's Acre Savior ; Zeta Death ; Return to New Venice ; The Graybeard Gang Comic 1980-07
Vengeance of the Altered Man ; Any Number Can Lose ; Alone ; What Light Through Underwater Breaks? ; The Monster Society Strikes Back Comic 1980-09
Magic Menace This Way Comes ; One Rose for Never ; This Hostage World ; Journey Through the Past ; The Plot Against the Human Race Comic 1980-11
The Last Laugh of Lady Lunar Comic 1981-01
When Strike the Gravity Masters ; With This Gun ... I Slay Thee ; Future Shock ; The Insect Invasion of Midway City ; Assault on the Rock of Eternity Comic 1981-03
The Twelve Coins of Power ; The Blade of Death ; Whose Body Is It Anyways? ; Your City or Your Life ; A Sleep and the Dream Comic 1981-05
Buried Alive ; Escape Me...Never! ; I Must Go Home Again ; All the Bits and Pieces of My Life ; Sabbac Strikes Back! Comic 1981-07
A Hole for Killing ; A World Gone Mad ; You and Me Against Our World ; Die, Android Die ; Our Son, the Monster Comic 1981-08
The Secret Origins of the Superman-Batman Team Comic 1981-09
Assault in the Fortress of Solitude ; A Bloody Crown for a Cold Corpse ; Drive Me to the Moon ; Winds of Change ; Chain Lightning Comic 1981-10
In the Citadel of the Weapon Master ; Assault on Castle Vertigo ; Victory? ; Sivana's Nobel Comic 1981-11
Greater Love Hath No Man ; ... The Archer or the Man? ; The Song the Shrieker Sang ; Gone With the Wings ; Silence, Please Comic 1981-12
Summer Days... Winter Nights ; Archer in a Cage ; Soul Shriek ; Matter, Matter, Everywhere ; The Snatching of Billy Batson Comic 1982-01
Double X Means Double Death ; Bedlam in the Big House ; Stinging in the Rain ; Magicians and Mercenaries Comic 1982-02
Beasts of Plague ; Green Arrow Sought for Questioning in Murder ; Doppelganger! ; I Have My Wings and I Must Fly ; Menace of the Moon-Tree Comic 1982-03
Assault on Thanagar ; The Archer and the Assassin ; Dog Day Afternoon ; The Power of Darkness Comic 1982-04
Kidnapped! ; The Hidden Soul of Harmony ; Pirates of the Spaceways ; When Bancroft Fisher Dies, Everybody Dies Comic 1982-05
General Scarr's Army of Crime ; Harmony and Discord ; Now You Czemm... Now You Don't ; The Secret of the Freeman Brothers Comic 1982-06
War in the Streets ; The Forgotten People ; Out Into Space in Ships ; The One-Worm Monster Society Comic 1982-07
The Joy Bringers ; Dr. Katar and Mr. Plert ; Charity Begins... Comic 1982-08
Prologue ; The Mugger ; Mightier Than the Sling Comic 1982-09
I... Amalgamax ; When the Old Clock Died Comic 1982-10
Deliver Us from Evil! Comic 1982-11
When Hell Breaks Loose! Comic 1982-12
Within My Heart... The Enemy Comic 1983-01
To Hell and Back Comic 1983-02
The Kryll Way of Dying Comic 1983-03
The Man with the Molten Touch (Where Strikes Stalagron!) Comic 1983-05
The Strange Saga of Stalagron Comic 1983-05
The Anthrax Hotline Comic 1983-06
Friends Comic 1983-07
Night of the Midnight Sun Comic 1983-08
Daughters of the Moon Comic 1983-09
The Pantheon Part 1: A World in Upheavel Comic 1983-10
The Pantheon Saga Part 2 : The Cosmic Tree Comic 1983-11
The Pantheon Part 3 : Zeta! Comic 1983-12
"The Shadow of the Executioner" Comic 1984-01
Anniversary Issue : A Tale of Two Worlds or Planets in Peril! Comic 1984-02
Rampage Comic 1984-03
The Superman-Batman Split ; No Rest for Heroes Comic 1984-04
The Plague Comic 1984-05
Part 1: The Origin of Null and Void Comic 1984-06
Lost in the Void Comic 1984-07
Saga of Swordfish and the Barracuda Comic 1984-08
Time and Time Again Comic 1984-09
Night and Day Comic 1984-10
The Quantum Inheritance ; Driving Force Comic 1984-11
Brown Shoes Don't Make It Comic 1984-12
Hacker Comic 1985-01
The Network Comic 1985-02
The Network II: Please Stand By Comic 1985-03
Gotham Bridge Is Falling Down Comic 1985-04
The Juice Comic 1985-05
The Family Way Comic 1985-06
Underworld War One (Cheapjack's Last Cheap Shot!) Comic 1985-07
Lonely in a Crowd Comic 1985-08
Troubled Sleep Comic 1985-09
Thirty Seconds Over Dreamland Comic 1985-10
The Time of Your Life Comic 1985-11
The Search Comic 1985-12
Afraid of the Dark : The End, Farewell Issue! Comic 1986-01