DC Universe Presents

New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Names Characters
DC Universe Presents #1 Comic 2011-09-21
DC Universe Presents #2 Comic 2011-10-19
Twenty Questions, Part 3 Comic 2011-11-16 Bernard Chang, Paul Jenkins
Twenty Questions, Part 4 Comic 2011-12-21 Bernard Chang, Paul Jenkins
Twenty Questions Conclusion Comic 2012-01-18 Bernard Chang, Paul Jenkins
Renewal Comic 2012-02-15 Dan DiDio, Jerry Ordway, Ryan Sook
Pre-Empted! Comic 2012-03-21 Dan DiDio, Jerry Ordway
Hiatus Comic 2012-04-18 Dan DiDio, Jerry Ordway
Savage, Part One: Daddy's Little Girl Comic 2012-05-16 Bernard Chang, James Robinson
Savage, Part Two: Father's Day Out Comic 2012-06-20 Bernard Chang, James Robinson
Savage, Part Three: Blood Loss Comic 2012-07-18 Bernard Chang, James Robinson
When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth (That Would be Today) Comic 2012-08-15 Fabian Nicieza, Jorge Jimenez
Origins Matter After Cancellation; Mister Terrific; Balance of Power; Mother Machine; Kinstanc Karma Comic 2012-09-19 Carlos Rodriguez, Dan DiDio, James Robinson, Keith Giffen, Marat Mychaels, Rob Liefeld, Scott McDaniel, Tom Derenick, Tony Bedard
The Devil Made Me Do It Comic 2012-10-17 Marc Andreyko, Robson Rocha
Grave Matters Comic 2012-11-21 Marc Andreyko, Robson Rocha
Under You Skin Comic 2012-12-19 Eduardo Pansica, Marc Andreyko, Robson Rocha
Devil in the Details Comic 2013-01-23 Marc Andreyko, Robson Rocha
Roy's Night Out Comic 2013-02-20 Joe Keatinge, Ricken
Without Honor or Humanity Comic 2013-03-20 Federico Dallocchio, Joe Keatinge
Living History Comic 2013-04-17 Javier Pina, Tony Bedard