Red Lanterns

New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
With Blood and Rage Comic 2011-09-14
Pure Rage Comic 2011-10-05 Ed Benes, Nathan Eyring, Peter Milligan, Rob Hunter
Higher Consciousness Comic 2011-11-02 Ed Benes, Peter Milligan
The Departed Comic 2011-12-07 Diego Bernard, Ed Benes, Peter Milligan
Kronamania Comic 2012-01-04
All Too Human Comic 2012-02-01
Rebel Yell Comic 2012-03-07
Death on Ysmault Comic 2012-04-04
Exodus Comic 2012-05-02
Two Lanterns Comic 2012-06-06
Love and Hate Comic 2012-07-04
Nectar Comic 2012-08-01
Atrocitus: The Second Prophecy Comic 2012-09-26
Eyes Without A Face Comic 2012-10-24
Home is Where the Heart Is Comic 2012-11-28
Waking the Past Comic 2013-01-02
Once Were Enemies Comic 2013-01-30
Wrath of the First Lantern, Part Four: Sympathy for the Devil Comic 2013-02-27
Wrath of the First Lantern, Part Eight: The Decision Comic 2013-03-29
The Death of Atrocitus Comic 2013-04-24
A Death Long Coming… Comic 2013-05-23
The New Blood Comic 2013-06-26
The King is Red Comic 2013-07-31
The Butcher's Bill Comic 2013-08-28
Lights Out, Part Four: Blood Brothers Comic 2013-10-23
Sphere of Influence Comic 2013-11-27
Red. Dead. Comic 2013-12-31
Hot and Cold Comic 2014-01-29
Red Alert, Part 2 of 2 Comic 2014-02-05
Forever Comic 2014-03-26
Judgement Day, Part 1 of 3 Comic 2014-04-23
Judgement Day, Part 3 of 3 Comic 2014-05-28
Atrocities, Part 1 of 4: Cry Havoc Comic 2014-06-25
Atrocities, Part 2 of 4: Old Battles Comic 2014-07-23
Atrocities Part 4 of 4: Redsend Comic 2014-08-27
Godhead, Act I, Part V: God is Red Comic 2014-10-22
Godhead, Act II, Part IV: Boom Comic 2014-11-26
Godhead, Act III, Part IV: Forged in Blood Comic 2014-12-24
Rage Comic 2015-01-28
Hush Li'l Baby Comic 2015-02-25
Hope Comic 2015-03-25