Peter Milligan

Begin Date 1961-06-24
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
Crash Course 2012-09-05 Comic
Pure Rage 2011-10-05 Comic Author
Higher Consciousness 2011-11-02 Comic
In The Dark, Part Three: Shibboleths and Alcohol 2011-11-23 Comic
The Departed 2011-12-07 Comic
In The Dark, Part Four: By the Light of the Moone 2011-12-28 Comic
The Da Vinci Coda 2012-05-02 Comic
Digging Up the Past 2012-06-06 Comic
Devolver 2012-07-04 Comic
Nefertiti's Bust 2012-08-01 Comic
The Rise of the Demon, Part One: The Dreaming Tower 2012-10-03 Comic
The Rise of the Demon, Part Two: London's Burning 2012-11-07 Comic
Betrayal Part One: Broken Hearts and Cold Feet 2012-12-05 Comic
Betrayal, Part Two: The Hunt for Midnighter 2013-01-09 Comic
The Men Who Fell to Earth 2013-02-06 Comic
The Scream 2013-03-06 Comic