2011, New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Every End Has a Beginning... Comic 2012-09-26
What Price Tomorrow? Comic 2011-09-28
Flying Blind Comic 2011-10-26
A Cold Day in Hell Comic 2011-11-23 George Pérez, Nicola Scott
Mind for the Taking Comic 2011-12-28 George Pérez, Jesus Merino
Menace! Comic 2012-01-25
The Measure of a Superman Comic 2012-02-22
To Hel and Back Comic 2012-03-28
The Outsider Option Comic 2012-04-25
Secrets & Lies Comic 2012-05-23
Secrets & Lies, Part II Comic 2012-06-27
Combat Comic 2012-07-25
Home Comic 2012-08-22
They Will Join You In The Sun... Comic 2012-10-24
H'el on Earth: Build a Parachute on Your Way Down Comic 2012-11-28
Because I'm a Scorpion Comic 2013-01-02
A Fistful of Sticks! Comic 2013-01-30
Fury At World's End Comic 2013-03-06
Metropolitan Nightmare Comic 2013-03-27
Look Who's Flying to Dinner Comic 2013-04-24
Wham! Comic 2013-05-22
Don't Mind if I Do Comic 2013-06-26
Headaches Comic 2013-07-24
Psi War, Part One Comic 2013-08-28
Arrested Development Comic 2013-09-04
Recollection Comic 2013-09-11
To H'el and Back Comic 2013-09-18
Parasite Comic 2013-09-25
Psi War, Part Three Comic 2013-10-23
Krypton Returns, Part 4 Comic 2013-11-27
Brain Drain Comic 2013-12-31
Feeding Frenzy Comic 2014-01-29
Under Fire Comic 2014-02-26
1,000 Degrees In The Shade Comic 2014-03-26
All Good Things Must End Comic 2014-04-23
Infected: Chapter 4: Lockdown Comic 2014-05-28
The Men of Tomorrow, Chapter One: Ulysses Comic 2014-06-25
The Men of Tomorrow, Chapter Two: The New Superman Comic 2014-07-23
The Men of Tomorrow, Chapter Three: Ulysses Comic 2014-08-27
The Men of Tomorrow, Chapter Four: The Quick Fix Comic 2014-10-22
The Men of Tomorrow, Chapter Five: Exodus Comic 2014-11-26
The Men of Tomorrow, Chapter Six: The Great World Comic 2014-12-24
The Men of Tomorrow, Chapter Seven: Friends and Enemies Comic 2015-02-04
24 Hours Comic 2015-03-18
Powerless Comic 2015-04-29
Before Truth, Part 1 Comic 2015-06-24
Before Truth Part 2 Comic 2015-07-29
Before Truth Part 3 Comic 2015-08-26
Before Truth Part 4 Comic 2015-09-30
Street Justice Comic 2015-10-28
Knocked Out! Comic 2015-11-25
Infiltrated Comic 2015-12-23
Treatment Comic 2016-01-27
Sacrifice Comic 2016-02-24
What Could Have Been, What Can Still Be, And What Is Comic 2016-03-16
The Final Days of Superman Part 1: This Mortal Coil Comic 2016-04-06
The Final Days of Superman Part 8: Do Or Die Comic 2016-05-25