Travel Foreman

Source Date Type Role
The Hunt, Part One: Warning from the Red 2011-09-07 Comic Inker / Penciller
The Hunt, Part Three: Totems 2011-11-02 Comic
The Hunt, Part Four: The Rot 2011-12-07 Comic
The Hunt, Conclusion: Food Chain 2012-01-04 Comic
Tights 2012-02-01 Comic
Animal vs. Man, Part One 2012-03-07 Comic
Animal vs. Man, Part Two 2012-04-04 Comic
Gangland Style 2012-05-16 Comic
Heat Seekers 2012-06-20 Comic
Tangled up Inside 2012-07-18 Comic
The Ghost In The Fortress of Solitude; A Boy And His Dog 2012-10-03 Comic
...Goodnight 2014-03-19 Comic