Type Comic
Date 2011-09-07
Tags fiction

The Hunt, Part One: Warning from the Red

Animal Man #1 (2011-11)

Opens with a page-long interview with Buddy Baker, also known as Animal Man. He indicates that he intends to change the world, to make a better world for animals, and he feels that he's more able to do that as an activist than as a vigilante.

The art in this issue, by Travel Foreman, is a bit different from the usual--flatter, sort of, but it's not a bad thing; it's striking. The issue also has a nice dream segment in greyscale, with some red for emphasis--very nice.

The final page is somewhat disturbing: Baker's daughter, it appears, has been collecting dead animals. She only wanted, she says, to have a pet of her own. This bizarre scene ties in somewhat with Baker's dream, so it's both creepy and ominous. Well done.

Name Role
Dan Green Inker
Jeff Lemire Author
Lovern Kindzierski Colorist
Travel Foreman Inker / Penciller