Jonathan Frakes

Begin Date 1952-08-19
Type Male
Source Date Type RoleCharacter
Encounter at Farpoint 1987-09-28 Episode Actor
Hide and Q 1987-11-23 Episode Actor
Up the Long Ladder 1989-05-22 Episode Actor
The Offspring 1990-03-12 Episode Director
    Reunion 1990-11-05 Episode Director
      The Drumhead 1991-04-29 Episode Director
        Cause and Effect 1992-03-23 Episode Director
          Relics 1992-10-12 Episode Actor
          Schisms 1992-10-19 Episode Actor
          True Q 1992-10-26 Episode Actor
          The Quality of Life 1992-11-16 Episode Director
            Chain of Command: Part One 1992-12-14 Episode Actor
            Chain of Command: Part Two 1992-12-21 Episode Actor
            Aquiel 1993-02-01 Episode Actor
            Starship Mine 1993-03-29 Episode Actor
            Lessons 1993-04-05 Episode Actor
            The Chase 1993-04-26 Episode Director
              Frame of Mind 1993-05-03 Episode Actor
              William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge 2014-08-25 Movie Interviewee