J. T. Krul

Begin Date 1972-11-14
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
Checking Out 2012-09-19 Comic Author
Living a Life of Privilege 2011-09-07 Comic Author
Green Arrow's Last Stand 2011-11-02 Comic
Divine Intervention 2011-11-16 Comic
Call of Duty 2011-12-21 Comic
Man or Monster 2012-01-18 Comic
Mind Over Matter 2012-02-15 Comic
First Contact 2012-03-21 Comic
Time Out 2012-04-18 Comic
A God Among Men 2012-05-16 Comic
Genesis 2012-06-20 Comic
A Dream Deferred 2012-07-18 Comic
What's Past is Prologue 2012-08-15 Comic