Judd Winick

Begin Date 1970-02-12
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
Batman: Under the Red Hood 2010-07-27 Movie Screenwriter
The Cradle of Civilization 2011-09-07 Comic Author
First Blood 2011-10-05 Comic Author
We Have Blood on Our Hands 2011-11-02 Comic Author
No One Can Find Any Piece Of Me Here 2011-11-16 Comic
Better at Terrible Things 2011-12-07 Comic Author
You... Still In The Game? 2011-12-21 Comic
Like a Nightmare Coming to Life 2012-01-04 Comic
This Has Got To Be Dirty 2012-01-18 Comic
...I am Happiest When at War... 2012-02-01 Comic
Welcome To The Hard Way 2012-02-15 Comic
But There Were Consequences for Us 2012-03-07 Comic
But There's No Harm In Taking A Good Hard Look 2012-03-21 Comic
What I Am is Born From Death 2012-04-04 Comic
I'm Good At Getting People To Do What I Need Them To Do 2012-04-18 Comic
You Have Been Judged Unworthy 2012-05-02 Comic
Mirrors Come In All Sizes 2012-05-16 Comic
I Can No Longer be Broken 2012-05-23 Comic
Flight or Fight 2012-06-06 Comic
And All That Is Left Is For Me 2012-06-20 Comic
I See All of It Now 2012-07-04 Comic
I'm Just Refilling My Coffers 2012-07-18 Comic
I am One With This Land 2012-08-01 Comic
It's Nice To Have Someone I Can RELY On 2012-08-15 Comic
"They Will Pay for What They've Given Birth To" 2012-09-05 Comic
A Hard Turn 2012-10-03 Comic
The Nightmares Never Stop 2012-11-07 Comic