Type Comic
Date 2011-09-07
Tags fiction

The Cradle of Civilization

Batwing #1 (2011-11)

Massacre says: "All I need is for people to die!". This recalls some other exchange to me. Something like: "For you to win, you must win every time. For me to win, you only have to fail once."

In Africa, David Zavimbe, police officer, is Batwing, a superhero chosen and outfitted by Batman to fight crime there. A villain called Massacre has been living up to his name, apparently.

We see a flashback to six weeks ago. Batman and Batwing are working together. A bunch of drug dealers have been brutally killed, along with an outlier, Dede Yeboah, who, research reveals, was for five years a superhero: Earth Strike, a founding member of The Kingdom, a group which appeared in Africa five years ago, when (all?) superheroes began appearing on Earth, and started a successful revolution.

The question is: why would a former superhero, now an agricultural attache, be hanging around with a bunch of criminals, and why were they all killed?

Pondering the solution to this, Zavimbe arrives at work to find his entire precinct killed. The comic closes on a full page with Massacre's sword through the center of Zavimbe's chest. He says: "You are late for work."

Character Type
Batwing Main
Massacre Main
Batman Sub
Name Role
Ben Oliver Cover Artist / Inker / Penciller
Brian Reber Colorist / Cover Artist
Carlos M. Mangual Letterer
Judd Winick Author
Rian Hughes Cover Artist