Deanna Troi

Type Female


Title Type Date Role
Encounter at Farpoint Episode 1987-09-28 Sub
Haven Episode 1987-11-30 Main
Angel One Episode 1988-01-25
Skin of Evil Episode 1988-04-25 Main
The Child Episode 1988-11-21 Main
Loud as a Whisper Episode 1989-01-09 Main
Shades of Gray Episode 1989-07-17 Sub
The Survivors Episode 1989-10-09 Sub
The Price Episode 1989-11-13 Main
MΓ©nage Γ  Troi Episode 1990-05-28 Main
The Loss Episode 1990-12-31 Main
Disaster Episode 1991-10-21 Main
Violations Episode 1992-02-03 Main
The Masterpiece Society Episode 1992-02-10 Main
Conundrum Episode 1992-02-17 Main
Power Play Episode 1992-02-24 Main
Time's Arrow: Part Two Episode 1992-09-21 Sub
Man of the People Episode 1992-10-05 Main
Schisms Episode 1992-10-19 Sub
A Fistful of Datas Episode 1992-11-09 Sub
Chain of Command: Part One Episode 1992-12-14 Main
Face of the Enemy Episode 1993-02-08 Main
Frame of Mind Episode 1993-05-03 Sub