FFML Summary (1995-09)


Nodoka's attitude.

Continued from the previous month.

Casting call!

Discussion about which Ranma characters should play which roles in Star Wars.

Trek Cast...

Like "Casting call!", but for Star Trek.

Dropping of abusive people: right on!

Someone posted a very rude response to "Scooby Doo and Ranma Too!" and was removed from the list as a result. The list was supportive of this decision.

What is the source of inspiration for fanfics?

Authors talk about why they write fanfiction and give tips for new writers.

Reader response type stuff.

Bruce Brunk asks what kind of response people usually get to their stories.

Best Ranma Fanfics 1995

http://localhost:8080/message/271/ "Best Ranma Fanfics 1995". Taleswapper lists his favorite Ranma fanfics.


  • "Nightshadow" by Windlily
  • "Reality Bites, Hard" by Bruce R. Brunk, prologue, chapters 1--3
  • "No Mere Mortal" by Ed Sharpe
  • "A Son's Duty" by Hitomi Ichinohei, chapters 5--6
  • An untitled Smurfs/BGC fic by Harvey Torrance Griffin
  • "Akane's Revenge" by Brian Geringer, chapters 1--10.1
  • "Ninja no Himitsu" by Joseph Palmer
  • "Scooby Doo and Ranma Too!" by Noah Bellamy
  • "Ranma's Mortal Journey" by Andy (Dodekain)
  • An untitled Ranma fic by David C. Yi (according to White Wolf, it had been the first story ever posted on the FFML)
  • "Nabiki and the Airship" by The Blue Tigress
  • "To Die" by Roy Rim, prelude, chapter 1