FFML Summary (1995-08)

The Fanfiction Mailing List was created in August 1995 by White Wolf as a place to post and discuss manga and anime fanfiction. The most popular series during the early years was Ranma 1/2.

The archives are not complete; the earliest posts are missing. That said, here's a summary of the stories posted and any notable discussions for that first month, 1995-08.



Nodoka's attitude.

Discusses how Nodoka is likely to feel about Ranma's situation--whether she would enforce the seppuku contract and what fiancee she would support.

Question about school records?

Discusses whether Ranma is registered for school as male of female (or both).

Something else!

Questions whether the FFML is a Ranma-only list, since that what all the discussion and fanfic had been about.